Available size of garnet micropowder/flour

Available size of garnet micropowder/flour

Garnet is really natural emery sand,which has the high hardness and toughness,just a little softer than artificial emery sand such white fused alumina and brown fused alumina.

As we know,the normal sizes such as 20-40mesh 30-60mesh are normaly used for sandblasting and 80mesh used for waterjet cutting.

Zhengzhou haixu abrasives co.,ltd,founded in 1999,has been producing and exporting garnet sand and powder for more than 20years.

To meet with the social development,some industrial fields need softer abrasive to grinding and polishing workpieces,then finer sizes also called micropowder or flour was produced,the normal sizes are as follows:

W STANDARDW63 W40 W28 W20 W14 W7 W5
FEPA STANDARDF240 F320 F360 F400 F500 F800 F1000
JIS STANDARD#280 #320 #400 #600 #700 #800 #1000 #1200 #1500 #2000 #2500 #3000

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