Main applications of garnet micropowder


Garnet micropowder is also called garnet powder,garnet flour,it is made from garnet ore,via grounded and classificated by air.

garnet powder
garnet powder

Zhengzhou haixu abrasives co.,ltd,founded in 1999,has been manufacturing garnet powder for more than 20 years,the size we mainly produce is as follows:

W STANDARDW63 W40 W28 W20 W14 W7 W5
FEPA STANDARDF240 F320 F360 F400 F500 F800 F1000
JIS STANDARD#280 #320 #400 #600 #700 #800 #1000 #1200 #1500 #2000 #2500 #3000

The garnet powder is used more and more in many industrial fields,and the main appliation is

  1. Grinding and polishing of precision material.for example,TV screen,optical component,semiconductor and other special glass products etc
  2. High precision waterjet cutting,such as glass,plastic,composite,fabric,ceramic,aluminum and ultra-thin alloy etc
  3. Fining sandblasting,such as wall graffiti,stone,brick and wood of ancient building ,valve,measure,mould and precision equipment etc
  4. Picture etching,such as glass scrub,galvanized coating,stainless steel,aluminum product,alloy,glass fiber reinforced plastics,jean etc
  5. Deburring and polishing.for example masonry,casting,plastic,optical glass assembly etc
  6. Cleaning outer and inner wall of pipes and glass fiber reinforced plastic finish paint etc
  7. As additive to increase abrasive resistance of antiskid material,cosmetics,oil paint and rubber etc
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