What is garnet sand used for

What is garnet sand used for?

Garnet sand is a natural emery sand,usually it includes red garnet sand and pink garnet sand .

Red garnet sand,is also called Rockgarnet sand is a sharp and tough abrasive material in a reddish tone. It is produced as a result of crushing rocks. The mineral is chosen and processed into a product of the highest standard. It works best as a waterjet abrasive medium.It’s hardness is tied to garnet’s mineral structure and hence it gives a high durability. That’s why Premium Rock ensures a stable work of the WaterJet machine for the whole time of it’s use. Sharp edges of the grains provide high quality and smooth aftercut surface. This abrasive sand also guaranties the best cutting quality with thick materials.


Pink garnet sand ,is also called River garnetsand is a type of garnet abrasive that has been deposited into rivers through natural weather processes. While not better than supreme garnet abrasive, river garnet abrasive is cheaper than regular garnet abrasive because it is readily available and is easier to produce. Like sea garnet, river garnet is constantly exposed to natural elements especially flow of river water and therefore has typically smaller mesh sizes and more rounded edges. River garnet also has some impurities but depending on where it is sourced, it may have lower chloride and salt content than sea garnet.

Alluvial garnet sand

Zhengzhou haixu abrasives co.,ltd,founded in 1999,has been manufacturing and exporting abrasives for more than 20years,our main abrasives include garnet sand,white fused alumina,brown fused alumina ,black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide.

On Garnet sand,we mainly produce 10-20mesh ,20-40mesh,30-60mesh,80mesh etc.

Then what is the garnet sand used for ?

1.Sanfblasting media

2.Gridning and lapping

3.Making coated or bonded abrasive tools

4.Water jet-cutting abrasive

5.Hole drilling

6.Water filtration media

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